General Manager: Shen Yun Surpasses Any Other Artistic Performances

March 21, 2017

“Featuring [traditional Chinese] culture, Shen Yun combines vogue, arts, vocal performance, dance and aesthetics with traditions to become a perfect performance. It surpasses any other artistic performances, and is a unique high level show.”

“It [Shen Yun] even can use a short span of two hours or so to touch human mind by means of technology [animated digital backdrops], audio-visual effect and drama. It gave the audience the feeling of virtually being there and immersed in the stories performed. Therefore, it can touch the bottom of their hearts.”

“Shen Yun teaches us—to become a person with good manners and good sense, because Shen Yun lets us know the virtues in the traditional Chinese culture.”

“After people’s rigid mindsets are changed, the family can become happier, the society more harmonious and even the country more powerful. So, Shen Yun’s promotion of the traditional Chinese culture is closely related to everyone. It’s indeed very remarkable.”

“Shen Yun is beyond ordinary people’s imagination. Only after one experiences Shen Yun in person, can one feel its positive energy. And the positive energy can in turn lead to people’s positive thinking, and make people undergo changes thoroughly.”