Gelabert Studios, More Than Meets the Eye

January 8, 2009 Updated: October 1, 2015
Entrance to Gelabert Studios. (Courtesy of Gelabert Studios)
Entrance to Gelabert Studios. (Courtesy of Gelabert Studios)

NEW YORK, NY—I found a charming, international art gallery, one with old world charm. The old world charm and elegance is an echo of the Studio's owner and curator Dr. Raoul Gelabert. He is a dapper, engaging gentleman, a man with a fascinating history and present.

Dr. Gelabert was a world class ballet dancer, until in his early 20's he was sidelined with an injury that stopped his promising career. Not a person to feel sorry for himself, Dr. Gelabert began exploring how to teach dancers to train in a way that minimized injury. And this was before the term "sports medicine" was fashioned.
A Unique School

Going back to school and graduating with his Doctorate, he began writing a book for dancers which  teaches them to preserve their health. Dr. Gelabert is a pioneer in the field of Kinesiotherapy for Dancers (injury prevention and rehabilitation  through correct technique). He was invited by the world class ballet companies, including the Royal Ballet School of England, and the International Dance Festival in Bonn, Germany, to teach their dancers his techniques. His book Anatomy for the Dancer was used and is still sought after as a textbook.

In 1978 Dr. Gelabert shared with Mikhail Baryshnikov, and Bella Lewitzky the Dance Magazine Award. His articles have appeared in Dance Magazine, The Physician and Sports Medicine, and The Journal of Orthopedic and Physical Therapy. He still teaches at his studio in Manhattan.  

More than Meets the Eye

Another hat Dr. Gelabert wears is as curator/owner of Gelabert Studios Art Gallery. It is located near Lincoln Center, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and other important galleries along Museum Mile in New York city. The inside of this gallery is elegant and simple, designed to best showcase the art exhibits which grace the studio. The gallery does not require one to have a patron in order to exhibit their art works, and can be rented 3 weeks at a time.

A cozy fireplace adds more charm and a "homey" touch. The gallery has hosted such artists as Tjyllyungoo, an aboriginal artist from Bunbury, Australia. Tjyllyungoo has been described as the best Aboriginal artist to come out of Australia. His work appears in such museums as the South Australian Museum of Art, the Western Australian Museum in Perth, and many more.

In New York the art critics called him a "first-rate contemporary watercolorist. His art has a following of collectors worldwide, and Gelabert Studios is his exclusive representative in America.

An American artist, Mortimer Laughlin, whose artwork remains on exhibit at Gelaberts has a long list of credits; including exhibits at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and San Francisco Museum of Art. Mr. Laughlin's artwork often celebrates the mystical expressions of nature.

All in all, Dr. Gelabert is a wonderful host and adds to the gallery’s elegance… with each exhibit patiently and creatively displayed. The studio has hosted many internationally renowned artists, and is certainly well worth visiting, either to see the art or talk with Dr. Gelabert.

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