Gaudi’s Barcelona

November 10, 2014 Updated: November 10, 2014

For a surreal and fascinating experience visiting Gaudi’s Barcelona to see his architectural legacy is a must do. This is a city with unique and inspiring buildings using colour, twists and turns, and the architecture makes a visit to Barcelona memorable. Gaudi was born in Catalonia in 1852 and spent his life designing the structures seen through Barcelona today. His love of nature and colour is seen in the mosaics and in the curved and twisted buildings. Here are some of the best ways of seeing Gaudi’s Barcelona.


 (Slava via Flickr)
(Slava via Flickr)


La Sagrada Familia

This magnificent colourful building is probably Gaudi’s best known work. Commenced in 1862 this giant basilica is still being worked on today and is a must see on any visit to Barcelona. This is Gaudi at his finest and the irregular stones, the coloured glass and uneven nature of La Sagrada Familia make it an incredible building to explore.

Look Around You

There are the famous sights that most people visit in Barcelona and then there are hints that Gaudi may have left his mark on some of the most unassuming buildings in the city. Take your time in Barcelona and look around at the architecture. Look closer and there will be a mosaic, a curved building or other tell tale sign that Gaudi may have left his mark.

Casa Batlo

Gaudi designed two notable buildings in Barcelona, one of which is Casa Batlo on the Passeig de Gracia. The design is meant to represent skulls and bones and the colour used is that seen in coral. It was designed for a local aristocrat who lived there, and is now all part of the make up of the Barcelona design.

Parc Guell

One of Gaudi’s masterpieces is the colourful Parc Guell. This is an excellent place to see Gaudi’s love of natural shapes. The colourful dragon at the entrance to the park is tiled in vibrant shades and then there is the walkway that appears to be supported by upturned trees. From the upper terrace there is a magnificent view of the city of Barcelona and it is lovely to sit on the tiled seats in the Barcelona sunshine.
One of the remarkable things about the architecture that Gaudi left in the city was the way in which it shaped the city and added to the energy and vibrancy that is Barcelona. Best of all ordinary people can get up close to some of the best art in the world.


(Ferran Pestana via Flickr)
(Ferran Pestana via Flickr)


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