Free Things to Do in Brussels

November 17, 2014 Updated: November 17, 2014

Blending typical café culture, fine restaurants and art nuevo architecture, there are many things to do in Brussels that attract tourists from across the world. A sophisticated explosion of Flemish and French culture, Belgium’s capital is a fascinating destination.

St. Gudule & St. Michael’s Cathedral


(Friars Balsam via Flickr)
(Friars Balsam via Flickr)


Since it was built over 12 centuries ago, the St. Gudule and St. Michael Cathedral is the most famous cathedral in Belgium. With its 13th century Gothic architecture and stained glass windows that span from over 400 years, tourists who visit Belgium will find that the Cathedral is an ideal photo opportunity and should not be missed.
European Parliament

Tourists in Brussels should not miss visiting the European Parliament. Walk down the corridors of power and learn about different members of parliament, their job role and the effect parliamentary decisions have on the rest of Europe. Remarkably, the European Parliament also caters for all 23 official languages of the EU. A definite must see for those interested in European politics.

Witness the Manneken Pis

Perhaps the most light hearted of sights, Manneken Pis is one of Brussels most popular attraction Designed in the 17th century by J. Duquesnoy, Manneken-Pis or ‘Little Julian’ as he is fondly known has become somewhat of a fashion icon. On occasions throughout the year, ‘Little Julian’ is dressed up in costumes providing entertainment for all those who visit him.

Explore Brussels Old Town

Steeped in history with impressive architecture, Brussels’ old town is a picturesque section of Brussels and tourists visiting old town, in particular ‘The Grand Place’ which is a world heritage site.
Museum of Ixelles

Appreciators of art both contemporary and classic will revel inside the Museum of Ixelles. Holding regular exhibitions and activities for families, the museum has more than 10,000 works of permanent art artwork dating from the 16th century up to present day. The Museum of Ixelles offers tourists plenty to see – one of the top things to do in Brussels.

Many of the things to do in Brussels will lighten your budget, however this need not always be the case. Tourists can appreciate Brussels simply by exploration. The Cathedral, its architecture, markets, museums, and fascinating monuments all bring the picturesque city to life and make it stand out from other European cities.

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