Former Performing Arts Teacher: Shen Yun Is ‘Very Eye-Opening’

April 29, 2018

“I love the show. I think it’s beautiful, it’s just beautiful.”

“I love the interaction [of the dancers with the backdrop], how it goes in and out from the background, and how they can jump out, like they’ve been in the water—all of that.”

“It’s beautiful, beautiful, and I love the costumes. They’re phenomenal. … I’m enjoying it from the aesthetic perspective.”

“I love the orchestra combined with the Chinese instruments, I really do—I love that a lot.”

“I taught in a performing arts high school, so I’m familiar with the orchestra, but I love the combination of using the Chinese instruments which is great.”

“I’m loving it, I’m loving it. It’s terrific.”

“I think [the artists] are amazing. The dancers—the precision in which they dance, it’s amazing. You can see the amount of time they put into rehearsing. It’s just beautiful, it’s just beautiful, I’m enjoying it very much.”

“I loved it. It’s very eye-opening.”