Former Dancer: ‘Thrilled From the Opening Moment to the Closing’

April 21, 2018

“As somebody who has spent his life as a dancer, I was particularly thrilled to see this. My specialty was folk dancing, especially from Europe, and it was wonderful to see yet another culture performing. I was particularly impressed with the creativity, with the elegance, and the wide variety of styles that were shown. It wasn’t just classical Chinese dance. I enjoyed the folk dance aspects.”

“[The divine influence] was obviously up there. It was obviously on stage, very much so.”

“I was in the fourth row, and the energy was overwhelming.”

“It made me feel like part of a larger world than my own.”

“As I was watching the show, I was thrilled from the opening moment to the closing.”

“I was enjoying picking out the different instruments that I was listening to [in the orchestra].”

“There was a sad moment for me when they explained that none of this culture can actually be seen in China. This is something that can be shared with the world, except in China.”

“The costumes augmented the dance, and the backdrop augmented the dance, and the music augmented the dance to make it one big wonderful whole. … They were all part of a wonderful experience.”

“Of course I would recommend this. I think that this was a beautiful, thrilling, exhibition of a culture that was both beautiful, exotic, and delightful to experience.”

“I’m very glad I was able to be here to experience this show. It was a treat from the first moment to the last.”