Former Dance Teacher Impressed with Shen Yun Dancers

April 30, 2017

“I enjoy it very much. They are very well trained [dancers]. Obviously a lot of classical ballet training and acrobatics and gymnastics, and some martial arts. I’m very impressed. There is a lot of extensive training going on there.”

“It’s very good [technique] — professional-level ballet. I was trained in ballet, so I can spot [good technique].”

“[The backdrop] was very clever. [It] brought a lot to the stage, to the performance.” 

“I think it is uplifting. I realize in Chinese culture, in the country, there has been over the years a lot of persecution of religion. I think all country should have freedom of religion. It’s important that they be able express their belief somewhere.” 

“[The music] is very nice. I like it. I like classical Chinese music.”

“We are very glad that we have gone to see the show.”

“I highly recommend it.”