Former Ballerina: Shen Yun ‘Dance Speaks to Me in a Very Spiritual Way’

April 19, 2017

“I got chills just watching the dance.The dance speaks to me in a very spiritual way”


“I loved the music. I am also a classically trained violinist so I very much appreciate good orchestral music and it was flawless. it was beautiful.”


“The male dancers did a great job. very powerful, very effective—these men had no problem upholding a very masculine quality while maintaining the grace and control that was necessary to get the story across without being interrupted.”


“The costumes were amazing. They were obviously very visually effective. the stain from the white to the other colors when they were laid in such a way were very visually effective and very much accentuated the moves of the dancers. so it was beautiful.”

“It was a pleasure to watch such a well rehearsed group of dedicated people who obviously have spent their lives trying to perfect this art and to dance in unison is one of the hardest thing to do in the world. The attention to detail was amazing—very much appreciate it.”