Florida Man Shows How to Escape From Various Kidnapping Situations: Video

March 23, 2021 Updated: March 23, 2021

A man from Florida has created a series of videos where he shows his followers how to escape from various kidnapping situations.

Robin Hunting, 29, has been creating these videos since the start of the pandemic, showing people how to get out of different restraints as well as giving safety and security tips.

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“I spent some time in the Royal Marines, but most of my techniques come from research and just trying it out,” Robin said.

Robin was told that one of his early videos of a movie scene where someone broke out of zip ties managed to help a woman escape being kidnapped by her ex-partner.

“She saw the video and remembered it was possible to get out,” Robin said.

“From what I am told, she then got out of the car, found someone to hop in and went to the police station, and later her ex was arrested.”

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How to survive being suffocated with a plastic bag. (Caters News)

Robin wants people who watch his videos to understand there is almost always a way to get out of restraint—all one needs is knowledge and sometimes a tool, such as a bobby pin.

“Most of them are not really difficult, you just need to know the physics of the material you are restrained with,” he said.

“I do not have one that was particularly hard, but some take more time to think about.

“Please understand that it requires practice to use these techniques perfectly, and not all might work for everyone.

“It is my goal to keep figuring out items to use and eventually find one that works for you.”

Watch the Video Below:

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