Flight Instructor Finds Message of Freedom in Shen Yun

February 4, 2018

“I liked the show very much, I like the colors and I liked the message … I really do like the Chinese culture, that’s why we came down here, to see the Chinese culture, see all the culture, see all the dancing, very exciting to see, so we are so glad to be here.”

“I liked the show overall, I like the history, I like the messages, I like the storytelling, I like their gospel message, the message we are over here, we can’t perform certain things in China, but we’re still standing for what we believe in … there is going to be freedom, bring the culture back and that’s what I would like to see too.”

“If you really follow along with what they’re doing, they’re telling you a story [about] where we came from and what we do and what we are here to tell you about you about us. So, people really pay attention to that, really glean a lot of important information, so it’s wonderful, I like it.”

“I think [I’d] recommend everyone to come, it’s very nice very beautiful, the colors, the dancing, I liked it all.”