Fitness Trainer Says Shen Yun is Off the Charts

April 16, 2017

“It’s beautiful. I absolutely love theatre, and I just love being taken [to the theatre]. I want to go to China now … I want to go to every place that we visited in this show. It is amazing. The costumes are so colorful, and the dancing is off the charts.” 

“I’ve gone to Broadway shows, and I have never seen [dance] performed like that. It is amazing. All of my friends should come, all of my clients should come.” 

“What’s different about these performers is the fact that they are so light on their bodies. It looks like they’re feathers floating through the sky. And usually dancers, they have really specific lines in their bodies. They’re just really light, really dainty, really elegant, and really connected with each other. So there’s a lot of synchronicity. Just a lot of beautiful movement tied in with each scene. And I especially love how people come from the video into the stage. So that’s pretty awesome.”

“[The] music is beautiful. It really takes you to another place, and I think that’s really awesome, because we’ve never experienced anything like that.” 

“I’ve been telling [my husband] for 3 years, we need to go to this show. Music is great, costumes are phenomenal, the dancers are amazing. Everyone is very skilled and I just feel really awesome being here. Another place. My imagination has come to life, so this show has really brought me out of my mind, out of work, and into this imaginary word that might exist.”

“I’m a very spiritual person, so the fact the music is amazing, and the fact that the dancing is awesome, I feel like I’m spiritually connected as a result of that, but this definitely allows you to go into a deep meditation. Because now you’re in place where you’re not thinking about work. You’re in a place where you’re not thinking about anything but the present moment, and for that it’s spiritual.”

“I love how [the costumes] tie in with the background, very colorful colors. The costumes are phenomenal. Everything about this show is just off the charts. I don’t know if you can articulate what you’re experience as an audience member for Shen Yun.”

“Shen Yun is about taking back the Chinese culture, the culture of all of Asia. I feel like there are so many different aspects, so I feel like if there was some sort of summary of everything from ancient Asia, this is it.”