Finding a Love Match: Dating Dos and Don’ts

Dating doesn’t have to be like walking through a field of landmines
BY Bill Lindsey TIMEFebruary 4, 2022 PRINT

Dating, or even just making new friends, can be difficult if only because it involves two people wondering what the other one is thinking. We’ve got a few suggestions to make it go smoothly.

Slow Is Smooth

Whirlwind romances or instant best friendships don’t have the foundation required for a lasting relationship. Take time to discover who you’re dating or considering as a new friend. This allows you to honestly assess if you want to move forward with that person, and if so, how. If you don’t see it working out, be honest with yourself and the other person, ending it cordially, with an effort to remain friendly toward each other.

Dress for Success

You see this all the time; he arrives for the date wearing torn jeans, a wrinkled shirt, and a baseball cap while she looks like a runway model. Avoid “first date, last date” syndrome by making an effort to look good. In the early stages, each person evaluates the other based on how they dress as well as their attitude, body language, and personality. View the early dates as a job interview you want to ace.

Step Away From the Phone

Unless you’re a heart surgeon waiting to hear that a suitable organ has been located for your patient, it’s rude and disrespectful to take, or make, calls during a date. Similarly, don’t get caught checking e-mails or texts when your date returns from the restroom. This behavior sends the signal that you’re bored, insulting them and ruining the rest of the evening. Do call them within a few days of the date to let them know you enjoyed it.

Make It About Them

It’s understandable for both of you to be nervous about meeting someone new, so be polite and pay attention. Men, don’t look at other women even if they’re on fire. Let your date do most of the talking; you can learn a lot about a person by listening closely to what they say. Let your date pick the restaurant for a dinner date and order for themselves. Don’t frown if they pick the most expensive items.

Flaky Is Only Good in Pie Crust

When you agree to a date, show up for it right on time. Last-minute postponements or cancellations for anything less than life-threatening situations are rude and disrespectful. Don’t talk about your ex; if they talk about theirs, let them vent without interrupting to tell them how bad yours is. A fast look at their social media profile prior to the date is a good idea, but don’t tell them, lest it come across as stalking.

Bill Lindsey
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