Finance Advisor Returns for the Third Time to See Shen Yun

January 22, 2018

“It is just spectacular. It’s just like the sort of engrossingly enthralling. It’s just over the top in terms of the sensory side. I love the backdrops … and they are just incredible dancers, in synchrony with each other so much, it’s just really amazing. I just found it like ‘wow,’ how can anybody do that.”

“It is actually my third time. I have to come back to come to see it again and again, I just love it … Each year is different—the uniqueness of this performance, unlike many other theatrical performances. It is unbelievable, just spectacular.”

“I think that it’s tough that these arts cannot be performed in China, but they can be here. So thank god they can be here. I really enjoy it. It’s just like they are such talented, professional dancers and performers.”