Financial Consultant Has an Extraordinary Experience at Shen Yun

"I am speechless. I wept through the whole thing"
April 29, 2018

“I am speechless. I wept through the whole thing. … I learned a lot about history. I learned a lot about dance [and] gymnastics. I never saw anybody do anything like what these people did on stage. I have never seen people who could do the things they did. It was spectacular.”

“They really did a good job of pointing out just the natural beauty of life. That’s really what it boils down to, I think, and just appreciating what.”

“It was just an extraordinary experience to see the way you can tell a story with the dance. And it was very well done.”

“The orchestra was great—the combination of Chinese traditional instruments and familiar Western orchestra. It was very beautiful.”

“It was all wonderful. … There is no substitute for seeing it.”