Finance Executive Says Shen Yun is Phenomenal

May 10, 2017

“I love the show, it’s fantastic. The dancers were fantastic. Their moves and all were just phenomenal. Choreography was great.”

“I play the piano. The music’s great, especially your tenor and your piano player there was fantastic too. They did a great job on that, so I just thought the whole performance so far has been very entertaining.”

“You get to see all the performers’ expressions, they’re always smiling … I like getting close because I like watching the performers, see what their expressions are, how they change throughout the movement depending on what the dance is or what particular area they’re representing, so it’s always good to just be what I think is close here.”

“It’s unfortunate that this is classical Chinese dance that has been around forever that people in China can’t see the same type of show. … I would have thought that China would brag about that [classical Chinese dance].”

“I just think that anybody should be able to see this. I mean everybody should be celebrating their roots. My ancestry, Chinese ancestry, any Asian, whatever your background is, nobody should be trying to suppress that because even if you don’t really think it’s that much, it’s how you got to where you are today.”