Finance Company Director Saw Shen Yun as an Amazing Cultural Experience

March 24, 2017

“It’s amazing, the cultural experience, something you don’t see very often in Australia, so it’s very beautiful, very colourful, very enriching culturally, it’s very amazing. I think we should see more of it.”

“It’s amazing how similar, how many cultures have stories through our histories, so they are very enriching, they are things we can relate to even though they are of a different culture. It’s very beautiful and very respectful of life and peace.”

“There’s a lot of similarities that one can take away from this, faith and heavenly superior being is above all of us. So regardless of one’s specific religion, that’s very enriching and powerful in a message  tonight, so it’s amazing.”

“I think one of the main things I’ve got from tonight has been peace, respect and love are key items of time. So I see it as a very powerful message.”

“[The music] is very soothing, very calming. The transition from calming and soothing music to very powerful and emotional music with the drums—so a beautiful contrast.”

“I think we are blessed to live in a country like Australia, that we have the opportunity to see cultural diversity like this—the more of this we see, the better. It’s fantastic.”

“We can all feel inspired to see the cultural heritage, the history of other cultures and especially seeing it in music and dance—it’s even more moving and more touching.”