Film Director and Producer Touched by Shen Yun

April 15, 2017

“It’s incredible, it’s amazing — the costumes, the people, the show — l learned so much, as I am a director and producer of films, international films, for me it’s incredible.” 

“I love China, it’s a[n] amazing culture … For us, it’s very, very special. I would love to see more.”

“I know how incredible and difficult it is to perform like this, how long they have to practice. … They have so many people on the stage. … I know what’s behind was a lot of work. I think the work is very difficult to direct — very good job, very good job.” 

“The music is very unique, … I think it’s very important to have this incredible music, and I loved this very special Chinese music, which we don’t see a lot here. The composer is incredible, it’s amazing.”

“There are three things: The music is perfectly coordinated with the dancers, the dancers are on time, and behind, [in the] background, you see these film scenes, which are incredibly made. You see these actors coming out of the same scene with the film, I have never seen that. It’s very unique, … It’s really on the top spot, and the music is perfectly timed. It’s really very touching, very touching, I love it.”

“The performance was very much telling me the culture, as you can see, you want to have the freedom, you want to be yourself, but it’s not easy.” 

“In summary tonight, for me it is a performance were incredible, amazing colors, incredible music, incredible dancers and orchestra; it’s very unique. I’ll come back next year for sure. I hope to see more.”