Film Composer: Shen Yun’s Orchestra Combines Eastern, Western Sounds Seamlessly

April 29, 2017

“I enjoyed it very much … the costumes are really wonderful.”

” I liked the integration of the traditional Chinese instruments with the Western orchestra. The pipa and the erhu, it’s really neat to hear those together.” 

“I thought it was done very well. It was great to hear the traditional Chinese melodies with the Western orchestration, and I thought they did that very seamlessly.” 

“I enjoyed some of the comic elements, too, with the music, like with the dance of the Monkey King (“Monkey King at Fire Mountain”) and hearing the trombone playing up the comedy (“Super Monk”). I really enjoyed that.”

“It’s very pretty. The dancers are fantastic, and its just beautiful to watch.”

“[The soloists] sing very nicely.”

“I have a little bit of a background in Chinese culture. I lived in Taiwan as a child, so I have some experience with that … [I noticed] some of the things I’ve known before about some of the spiritual elements of the divine kingdom.” 

“Very enjoyable. It was nice. I brought my daughter and my wife. We had a great time.”

“I think it’s great for us to be exposed to Chinese culture and the traditional Chinese dance and all, which I think is not something we get to see a great deal.”