Federal MP Tony Zappia Finds Shen Yun Good for Our Soul

April 29, 2017

“What especially impressed me was that there was not only a terrific amount of vibrancy amongst all of the performers there tonight, but there was a wonderful insight into the diversity of Chinese cultur—it is something that is incredibly fascinating.”

“The dance techniques, the colorful costumes they wore, and even the music, it all went and blended together so beautifully. They were all so much in unison with one another and equally, their flexibility, their acrobatic skills alone were worth seeing.”

“There is a lot of strength involved in what they do, … it’s also incredibly graceful, and to combine grace and strength together, … seeing it on stage tonight, was something that most impressed me.”

“The ladies even in terms of the skills of the choreography of the performers, is faultless, and you see them performing in unison together, so from one person you actually see a whole display that is something that is marvelous. With the men, it’s perhaps a little bit more vigorous, a little bit more athletic, but again, in their own way, perfectly choreographed and perfectly executed.”

“The music goes hand in hand with the performance. With respect to the performers that performed on stage, and sang the songs, or played the different instruments, it was absolutely brilliant. The orchestra was faultless, and we heard different elements of it, Chinese and Western … very well blended.”

“I thought that [the erhu] was absolutely beautiful. It was a very sweet, soothing sound, it was something I enjoyed very much. Very talented lady.”

“Watching performances like that tonight, just bring home not only how important it [culture] is, and how much effort and energy goes into a production like that, but how good it is for our soul.”

“It’s a terrific way of watching a great performance but also in your own way, absorbing what life is all about, what’s important in life, and trying to understand how other people see life as well.”

“My compliments to the director. … I think the director did exceptionally well with the performance tonight.”