‘Everything is perfect and in exact lines,’ Says Former Ballet Dancer

March 24, 2018

“It’s amazing. Absolutely beautiful. I love watching all the choreography. Everybody was so in sync. … Everything is perfect and in exact lines. It’s really really good.”

“[The female dancers are] very graceful—very graceful and very beautiful, very petite. Everything they do is very flowing. And everything they do is spot on together.”

“[The male dancers executed] very good jumps, very high jumps, very pointed feet. I watched that as a dancer a lot.”

“One of my favourite things was the use of the sleeves. It just makes everything extraordinary. Really pretty.”

“It’s a beautiful story. And you can understand that purely through the dancing and the acting. You don’t have to understand one language or another. You just get it through watching.”

“[The dance story about a husband and wife title ‘Devotion’ highlights] the value of dedication to another partner, and honesty and loving commitment. … That’s a value that you cherish, but it’s hard in this internet world. Everything is coming and go really fast.”

“I didn’t want it to end, to be honest!”

“The music is beautiful. I love the piano player. And the erhu—it’s beautiful, very similar to the violin, very beautiful music. In some of the (erhu) music, you get an overwhelming feeling of happiness and sadness at the same time. And you get that tingle through your body. It feels really nice.”

“Awesome, awesome. I would come see it again, and I want to next year. I recommend it to everybody, definitely.”