Event Producer Says It’s a Real Privilege to Watch Shen Yun

May 5, 2017

“It was very visually exciting, that was the first thing that struck me. I enjoyed it.”

“I’m a former professor so I understand the education is key and so doing it through entertainment in a way that people don’t feel that they are being taught, [but] … that they’re entertained, I think is a really brilliant way of doing it. So in that regard I believe that the [Shen Yun] organisation has really achieved its goal.”

“The most impressive thing for me was the interactive digital screen and watching that; seeing the beginnings of virtual reality coming into play in the show was really exciting for me and that was a real privilege to sit in the audience and see that first-hand. I enjoyed it tremendously.”

“The live orchestra, many of the numbers, the using of the props and the absolute synchronization and precision in which the show is presented, the professionalism are really special.”

“The yellow flowers come to mind for me, I think the audience responded to it, the drums, the handkerchiefs — those were the ones that really stood out to me. I was just really impressed.”