Epoch Booklist: Recommended Reading for Nov. 25–Dec. 1

This week, we feature an illustrated history of a U.S. Army Air Force unit crucial to World War II and a classic of personal finance that can be useful at any age.


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The Adventure Is in the Map

‘The Cartographers’
By Peng Shepherd

Nell is the daughter of legendary cartographer Dr. Daniel Young. Despite their ruptured relationship, she has become a cartographer herself. When her father is found dead, she finds an old map that led to their falling out and follows it down a harrowing trail.

William Morrow, 2022, 397 pages

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Lessons and Laughter

‘Walking Across Egypt’
By Clyde Edgerton

Mattie Rigsbee, 78, may be slowing down a little, but her heart is strong, her sense of humor is intact, and she can still whip up a loaf of delicious pound cake. She refuses to take in a stray dog, let alone a boy gone astray, like teenager Wesley Benfield whose middle name is trouble. Then she hears the scriptural injunction to “do unto the least of these.” Readers will find down-home humor and fun, a commitment to values, and Clyde Edgerton’s great trademark storytelling. Suitable for teens and adults.

Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 1987, 216 pages


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Thunder Over Germany

‘The Mighty Eighth: Masters of the Air Over Europe, 1942–45’
By Donald Nijboer

Activated in Georgia on Jan. 28, 1942, the Eighth Air Force, stationed out of Britain throughout most of World War II, was the chief tool in the Army Air Force’s strategic bombing campaign against Nazi Germany. This book tells the Eighth Air Force’s World War II history. It provides a comprehensive history of the Eighth, spanning the human and technical aspects of the story. Marvelously illustrated, it is a good introduction to and a one-stop source for information on the Eighth.

Osprey Publishing, 2022, 320 pages


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Ancient Secrets to Wealth

‘The Richest Man in Babylon’
By George S. Clason

Originally published in 1926, the classic tells of a fictional Arkad, a poor scribe who becomes rich. It explains the basics of saving and investing through entertaining parables that Arkad tells. Written in a straightforward style, the stories can be understood by grade-school readers, yet enjoyed by adults. Parents with teenage children should get them a copy. It may be the best investment in their future you’ll ever make.

Dauphin Publications Inc., 2021, 94 pages


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Commercial Spaceflight Offers Promise

‘America’s New Destiny in Space’
By Glenn Harlan Reynolds

Space travel and exploration is in a period of explosive growth. In 2020, multiple space firsts occurred, including a first commercial manned spaceflight. In about 50 pages, this book captures the transformation occurring in space, especially in commercial use, and outlines where we are going in space and why it is happening.

Encounter Intelligence, 2020, 54 pages


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A ‘Greats’ Course in One Volume

‘The Norton Book of Classical Literature’
Edited by Bernard Knox

Knox opens this anthology with an overview of the literature of the ancient world, then gives readers some of the best of the Greco-Roman classics: selections from Homer and Hesiod, Sophocles’s “Antigone,” pieces from Plato, Horace, Ovid, and more than 60 other poets, playwrights, and philosophers. A concise, well-written introduction accompanies each writer and every individual work. In this collection is the foundation stone of Western history and culture, with voices from the past speaking to our hearts and minds today.

W.W. Norton & Co., 1993, 866 pages

For Kids

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Joyful Recipes to Make Together

‘My Very First Cookbook’
By Danielle Kartes

Here’s a chance to make great memories in the kitchen with the kids. Try 45 simple, fun, and tasty recipes such as Creamy Soda Fountain Egg Creams, Turkey Pinwheels, and French Dip Sandwiches. Pictures by Annie Wilkinson. Grades K–3.

Sourcebooks Explore, 2020, 96 pages

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A Budding Reader’s Delight

‘Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too?’
By Eric Carle

Featuring baby animals, such as giraffes, penguins, and kangaroos, with their mothers, the familiar illustrations of Eric Carle coupled with predictable, repetitive verses provide a focus on family that’s perfect for budding readers.

HarperCollins, 2000, 32 pages

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