Environmental Educator Felt the Healing Power of Shen Yun

January 20, 2018

“The performance was unbelievably beautiful from the visual point of view, but the artists, the dancers were superb dancers, that was amazing. The women were ethereal and the men were superb.”

“The orchestra, oh my goodness, I didn’t know whether to close my eyes and listen to the orchestra—but then I couldn’t miss the dancers. It was fantastic.”

“The orchestra was superb and that soloist that played the erhu, that’s the instrument that made me cry for half of the program.”

“I was particularly touched … to see that you had the courage … I am so grateful because Falun Dafa is such a beautiful philosophy and everybody has the right to think whatever they want to think, and that should be a freedom that cannot be impinged upon. So, the fact that it was so strong, a statement from Falun Dafa, I bow to them. Very brave, very beautiful too because it’s a beautiful statement, it’s about love and it’s about bringing peace into our hearts by looking in, like how can that be wrong.”

“The spiritual message … they’re really bringing Chinese culture to the fore in Western countries and we needed to see that because this is a show just goes from 2000 years old to date. … One of the beautiful messages was to say that in ancient China healing was seen as the result that music could heal people.”

“[I felt a healing energy] absolutely, I cried, that’s how you know I’m healing because my heart was pretty closed when I came in and the music and the dance it opens anybody’s heart, you’ve got to be dead not for something to happen to you, or very close. It was transforming and it was magnificent.”

“The sound is very important. The notes, the quality of the musicians and the music that was chosen was superb, without-a-doubt. But also the kindness and the gentleness and the movements alone—of the people just fill you with joy. You could not but feel joy and peace watching these beautiful women and these magnificent men dancing. I thought it was superb and I would say to anybody don’t miss this show. Absolutely superb!”

“Congratulations please to every dancer, to every single musician because it was superb, to the producers and organisers and thank you to Falun Dafa for being so brave and so amazing to bring such a superb show, thank you so much.”