Emaciated Cat Thrown Into a River Was Drowning–Until Anonymous Dog Walker Rescued Her

December 18, 2020 Updated: December 18, 2020

When a dog walker, who remains unnamed, was passing by a stream in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, he spotted a cat floundering in the water and about to drown.

Thankfully, the cat, which turned out to be malnourished and emaciated, escaped a watery death thanks to whoever it was that passed by that day.

According to Daily Star, the long-haired ginger cat, who has now been dubbed “Honey,” was fully submerged under the water, desperately trying to reach the bank on Finkle Street, when she was spotted by the man walking his dog.

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(Courtesy of RSPCA)

After retrieving Honey from the water, the dog walker called a woman over to help since he had a dog with him. The woman’s husband brought some towels and they dried off the cat, only to discover it was in bad shape.

Honey was not only underweight but was suffering from an open wound.

Witnesses reported that the animal was thrown into the water from the window of a black Honda on Dec. 4.

“There is about 15ft of land before you reach the water, so it seems someone has made a real effort to try and drown her,” said Graeme Petty, an animal rescuer inspector for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).

Soon after the rescue, Honey was taken in by the RSPCA’s Doncaster and Rotherham branch, where staff examined the cat and dressed her in a red jumper for warmth.

According to the BBC, veterinarians cut away Honey’s matted fur and discovered fleas and cuts on her skin.

Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of RSPCA)

The charity is attempting to track down the owner of the black Honda to press charges for animal abuse and neglect. Unfortunately, Honey was not microchipped, so the owner cannot be identified that way.

However, the RSPCA is confident someone will recognize the cat.

“She is a distinctive looking long-haired ginger cat, aged about two, so I believe someone will know who she belonged to,” Petty added.

It was clear that the dog walker’s actions saved the cat’s life; Honey was in no condition to make it out of the water alone.

“She had been fully submerged in the water and, because of her weak state and the fact she was cold, had the dog walker not intervened I am sure she would have not survived. His heroic actions saved her life,” Petty told Daily Star.

Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of RSPCA)

The animal rescuer said that the woman and her husband who assisted with the rescue were “amazing,” adding: “I am so grateful for the help of these caring members of the public.”

The woman who helped the dog walker also wishes to remain anonymous, but she told reporters that helping out was a no-brainer.

“She was clearly in a terrible state so my husband came with towels to dry her before we took her home to offer her some care before taking her to the vets,” she said.

Fortunately, Honey appears to be recovering well, and the pet rescue charity is hopeful she’ll find a new home and loving family soon.

“Honey is now doing well in our care,” Petty said. “Once she has fully recovered from her ordeal will be rehomed.”

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