Elderly Lady Stranded on I-85 Rescued by State Troopers—Who Buy Her Lunch After Ordeal

BY Epoch Inspired Staff TIMEAugust 11, 2021 PRINT

Getting stranded on the highway is an inconvenience at best; at worst, it can be a disastrous nightmare.

That terrifying situation befell an elderly woman in North Carolina, who was traveling alone mid-July when her car ran out of gas on the I-85.

Luckily, a few good men came to her aid after she called law enforcement. North Carolina State Troopers Coggins and Linch arrived on the scene and made sure she was safe. Coggins went to get gas while Linch waited with the woman in her car.

After refueling her car, the Troopers offered to buy her lunch.

When Highway Patrol dispatcher Andréa Lowe learned of this, she begged them to take a photo together—which they did, and Lowe posted it on her Facebook page.

“This sweet lady was traveling alone and inadvertently ran out of gas alongside busy I-85 in Alamance County …admittedly embarrassed by her predicament she called and requested assistance,” Lowe captioned.

Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of Andréa Lowe)

“After getting her gas into the car, they invited her to join them for lunch. They were joined by Troopers Foster and Gibbs. That’s what it’s all about y’all. Community service at its best. Proud to be part of this organization/family.”

Lowe later told The Epoch Times that she knows both Troopers Coggins and Linch “quite well and have for years considered them both personal friends not just coworkers.” She added, “I believe they asked her to lunch just because they are genuinely good people.”

She said the woman seemed “very appreciative,” as she was traveling alone. “It just warmed my heart and validates the good in people that still exists,” Lowe added.

The post went viral, garnering hundreds of positive comments, over 3,000 likes, and nearly 6,000 shares, to date.

“Thank you all for your service and for going above and beyond. 🇺🇸🙏” wrote one woman.

Others lauded law enforcement for the show of good will.

“Thank you for sharing another wonderful story about some [of] our outstanding people who serve us as law enforcement,” someone commented.

Another lady joked, “I’d run out of gas just to join them, so Proud of all [our] Troopers.”

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