9 Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes

By Cindy Drukier, Epoch Times
October 31, 2013 Updated: October 31, 2013

No time to prepare a Halloween costume? No problem, here are 9 ideas you can execute in an hour or less. 


Gold Digger 

Dress poor and get yourself a yellow shovel or use a normal shovel and cover it with gold shiny wrapping paper. OR Dress all in gold and carry any old shovel. All depends how much gold you have in your wardroboe. Note: most kid’s plastic shovels are yellow and cheap if you don’t want to carry a snow shovel around all night. 





Grab a big frame, you can often get one in a second-hand store, and dress from the waist up (that’s the important part anyway) however you’d like your self-portrait to appear. Old-fashioned is easy: tie your hair in a tight bun and wear a high buttoned shirt or ruffles around your neck. Or go as yourself as a child. Or graduation. Or just plain sassy. Attaching a cloth to the back of the frame as your background is a nice touch. You have to carry a frame around with you all night so try to get a light one. If you have a little more time you could make your own out of cardboard. Just depends how last minute you are.



Spa Queen  

Dress in a white robe, slippers, and paste on grey, white, or green makeup as facial mask, or buy one of those stick-on masks. Grab a gold crown at the dollar store. If you can carry a nice scent around to spray at people (cheap drug store on of course, not your best perfume) or a bag of beauty supplies it’s a good touch.



Iron Chef

You guessed it. Dress as a chef and carry an iron—a clothes iron or tire iron will do. If you can get ahold of classic chef whites, that’s of course best. In a pinch just grab an apron from the kitchen and throw some flour on yourself.  



Sick and Tired

If there’s two of you, one can be sick and the other tired. If it’s just you, you can be both. At any rate, tired means PJs, messy hair, and dark circles under your eyes. Don’t forget to yawn a lot. Sick means a thermometer in your mouth, tissues up your sleeve, and an icepack or hotwater bottle. Or put red dots all over your face. Don’t forget to carry a pillow too. It may come in handy by the end of the night.



Smartie Pants

Get an old pair of pants, or buy one at a second-hand shop. Now buy lots of Smarties and glue them on. You can either glue on those small Halloween packs, or individual candies. Depends how ambitious you are. Hot glue will work best for the packs, Crazy Glue for the individual candies. If you really don’t have time, grab your pair of pants that have the most pockets and fill them with Smarties. When people ask you what you are, reach in and give them some candy. If you’re British, the whole costume idea becomes a lot more risque. 



Stick Figure

Dress all in white, and with black tape draw a stick figure on your body. Cover your face in white makeup and with black makeup, draw two big circles around your eyes and a smile.



Clark Kent

If you have a Superman shirt, or can procure one, wear that under a suit, with an untied tie. Have your shirt open to reveal your Superman insignia. Even a Superman blue shirt will work. Don’t forget slicked hair and square, black, thick-rimmed glasses. An old-school camera, and reporters’ notepad and pencil are a good touch.



Thai Food

Wear a tie and attach food to it. Wet noodles and rice stick well, you can glue or tape on anything too, just don’t make it too heavy. Cover the whole thing in cabbage with a few cherry tomatoes is a good effect. You’ll have to glue all that on.



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