Earth Wobble: Wobble of the Earth, New Zodiac Questioned

January 15, 2011 Updated: October 1, 2015

The constellation Ophiuchus (Wikimedia Commons)
The constellation Ophiuchus (Wikimedia Commons)
After a Minnesota astronomy professor proclaimed that the astrology signs are off by about 3,000 years, the Internet was set ablaze with questions, comments, and complaints regarding a new Zodiac.

Parke Kunkle gave several interviews and said that the wobble of the Earth is known as “precession of the equinoxes,” which is taught in many basic-level astronomy classes across the country.

This means that every 70 years, the planet shifts around a degree. "Astronomers have known about this since about 130 B.C.," he said, adding that the discovery is “not news.” So as the planet slowly shifts, imagine the Earth’s axis after around 3,000 years.

In the meantime, however, numerous media republished the new horoscope, which includes the 13th sign Ophiuchus (see below).

As a result, astrologers and Facebook pages alike were swarmed with identity questions.

CNN reported that astrologer Shelley Ackerman received a plethora of emails including: “OMG I'm not a Leo help me with that.”

On Twitter and Facebook, there were even more questions and comments regarding one’s astrological identity.

User @v1ns0n accepted his fate and adapted the newest sign: “My Zodiac Sign has been changed from Sagittarius to Ophiuchus (Serpent Bearer).”

Some people were defiant over the change.

“Zodiac signs all got changed,” Mark Allen, a Microsoft admin, tweeted. “Apparently I'm an Aries instead of a Taurus now. Who sits on the committee that decides this…?”

User @KwaiPing tweeted: “Sign change. Apparently now I'm a Capricorn instead of Aquarius. Screw that … To me I will stay a Aquarius.”

Kunkle, who initially gave his interview to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, said he was stunned by the attention.

"This is not new news. I have no idea why it went viral this time," Kunkle told AP. "Almost every astronomy class talks about it."

And here are the modified Zodiac signs, if you choose to use them:

* Capricorn: Jan. 20–Feb. 16
* Aquarius: Feb. 16–March 11
* Pisces: March 11–April 18
* Aries: April 18–May 13
* Taurus: May 13–June 21
* Gemini: June 21–July 20
* Cancer: July 20–Aug. 10
* Leo: Aug. 10–Sept. 16
* Virgo: Sept. 16–Oct. 30
* Libra: Oct. 30–Nov. 22
* Scorpio: Nov. 23–29
* Ophiuchus: Nov. 29–Dec. 17
* Sagittarius: Dec. 17–Jan. 20