Early Summer ‘Strawberry Full Moon’ Will Rise on June 17–Will Bring ‘Focus’ and ‘Spiritual Expansion’

June 14, 2019 Updated: June 15, 2019

This mid-June will see some extraordinary astrological phenomena with the coming “Full Strawberry Moon.” Both ancient cultures and modern astrology speak to the meaning of this rare and cosmic event.

The worldwide June full moon is traditionally associated with a ripening and a fullness of life. There are similar traditions connected to marriage across many global cultures in connection with this particular celestial event.

The name “Strawberry Full Moon” was given to it by the native American Indians after the berries that were collected during that period in the season.

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Pagan culture called the June full moon the “Lover’s Moon.”

In Europe, the “Honey” or “Mead Moon” was the name given to it, as that time was associated with weddings; couples customarily received honey or mead as wedding gifts during that time. It was also a name that probably gave rise to the term “honeymoon.”

Meanwhile, Indian tradition celebrated the lunar event as Vat Purnima, where married women would perform a ritual of fasting and wishing their husbands long and happy lives.

This year’s Strawberry Full Moon is expected in the early hours of June 17, at 4:30 a.m. Eastern Time. Traditionally, full moons are believed to bring optimism and a sense of security.

The alignment of both the stars and several notable planets will coincide with the waxing and waning of the Strawberry Full Moon, and the cosmic consequences are being broadcast by astrologists. What’s being described is that the Moon’s rise in the Sagittarius consultation means a change in energy; we can expect to feel a sharpening of focus in the direction of our sign. There is also a connection with “spiritual expansion.”

Among several other planetary events, Jupiter, Sagittarius’s ruling planet, will be particularly large and bright during this window, which according to astrology, bestows a sense of openness as curiosity in us tiny humans.

A “Strawberry Full Moon” rises behind St Michael’s Mount in Marazion near Penzance on June 28, 2018 in Cornwall, England. (©Getty Images | Matt Cardy)

Saturn and Neptune’s energies are also expected to work in conjunction to instill a sense of greater faith in us, and an ability to push things into action in our lives. We’ll have more than enough energy for just ourselves; we may inspire others likewise.

Mercury and Mars are, in concert, also expected to bring mental sharpness for pursuing one’s goals.

As far as signs go, this expanding energy is likely to cause diversions in our lives causing us to lose our focus or feel “out of it.” Here is a brief expose for each sign’s meaning during this June full moon.

For an incredible play-by-play of cosmic interactions of planets, constellations, and the “Strawberry Full Moon,” and their meanings, check out the expert astrological commentator in the video below:

Sagittarius: You can expect good things in the near future.

Aries: Your fortune may hold success at your work or possibly a movement toward spirituality.

Leo: Your increased focus may allow you to finish your duties so that you may focus on spending time with friends, possibly on vacation.

Taurus: This is an opportunity to strive to achieve your financial goals.

Virgo: With some hard work and delayed gratification, you may be able to achieve significant professional development.

Capricorn: Your adventurous nature will likely show itself in full force.

Gemini: You can expect to see expansion in the direction of your personal relationships in your life.

Libra: This is the time to commit to something, possibly your career or relationship, and you will likely reach a milestone in your endeavor.

Aquarius: You will experience a compulsion to create something, which can be channeled toward developing our relationships.

Cancer: You may find aid in improving yourself in some way, possibly improving your diet or physical fitness habits.

Scorpio: There could be a boost in your financial situation, and along with it (be wary) a temptation to spend.

Pisces: An advance in your career might be just around the corner, possibly in a position of leadership.

Ultimately, the change of this new, cosmic energy is something that we may use with wisdom. All the while, we should be cautious not to let it divert us from what’s important in life.

If we can improve our lives—our relationships, careers, or ourselves—or become more spiritual people in some way, without neglecting the things that matter, this year’s Strawberry Full Moon will be a worthy occasion indeed!