Dream Travel on a Reality Budget

December 4, 2014 Updated: December 4, 2014

Wanderlust creates a strange pull in those of us dreaming of travel. Then reality smacks us out of our dream state with real life concerns of cost! However, visiting your dream places doesn’t have to be a dream. With a few travel hacks and some strategic planning your dream destination is a few clicks away.

Luxury Travel on a Budget

When you imagine traveling to glamorous foreign destinations, it probably doesn’t include staying in a flea bag motel and eating bread and water. It is filled with luxury, beauty and glam. The first thing you need to do is make a budget. Consider these questions when designing your travel budget:

1. Where do you want to go?
2. Who is going with you?
3. What do you want to spend?
4. How much you actually afford to spend?
5. When do you want to go? Is that flexible?

Make a Destination List

Those of us with a good case of wanderlust have a list of places we would like to visit. Make a list of all the places you would like to go or to see – do a full brain dump. Now, consider and research what places would be best for you to travel at the appointed time. If possible, be flexible about when you take your trip.

Travel Off-Season

Investigate the seasons of your destination. Find out when it’s low season and book your travel during that time. Traveling off season has the potential to save you hundreds on booking your travel. Traveling off season can also be a benefit with getting time off from work. Everyone may be asking for time in the summer or at the holidays. Considering traveling in winter or early spring.

Another tip about traveling ‘off season’ is to book your flights during the week. This can often save a bundle on your plane ticket, one of the most expensive aspects of your trip.

Alternative Accommodations

Consider renting a flat or a home in the city you wish to visit. These private homes often have amenities not included or are additional cost at a hotel. You can rent a home for half the price of a hotel room and it includes a full kitchen, laundry and internet in the rental fee.

Additionally, having at kitchen at your disposal gives you the opportunity to experience local culture by shopping at markets. A washing machine keeps the packing to a minimum because you are able to wash your clothes and thereby save on baggage fees.

Plan Ahead

Take your time to plan your trip. Often when planning six months to a year in advance you can negotiate deals with living accommodations. This is also helpful when planning the activities you wish to do at your destination. Learn about the available activities, the costs and the times of year they are available.

Research. Research. Research.

Do your research! Research your destination. Research the best times to travel. Research travel blogs. Investigate activities. Track flight prices. Keep an eye on weather trends. Find other travelers who can give insight and reviews on things to do. There are various website where you can investigate the local and travelers opinions.

 Satisfy your wanderlust with planning, research and budgeting so you can travel in luxury without breaking the bank.

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