Dramatist Finds Shen Yun a Wonderful Show

February 8, 2018

“It was a wonderful show and the skill level is just phenomenal—just really phenomenal.”

“I know when I’m doing taichi on a good day and it feels like no effort at all. You feel like you are totally free, and everything stops. Time stops. And it was like that tonight. It was a sense of they were totally in control of what were are doing.”

“When they were doing those incredible flips, you couldn’t hear them land on the stage. When they landed, their feet were just so like feathers. It was beautiful work.”

“I thought the live music was good especially the integration of Chinese and Western music. It was very smooth. It was a very tight integration.”

“The choreography was fantastic. … Whoever did the animated digital backdrops that was very nice—because it enabled you to change location to go into the heavens, to go through time, and the precision—it was great. I loved every moment of it. I’d come again.”