Dr. Simon Simonian: Shen Yun Is An Example of the Future We Could Have

April 23, 2017

“The performance was one of the most beautiful performances that one can see today in its grace, beauty, color, and spirituality, as well as reality, and trying to express what is good, and avoid what is not so good, and expressing Chinese ancient tradition, which is one of the oldest in the world.

“I come from an ancient civilization myself, the Armenian civilization, that is also very ancient, perhaps 10,000 years BCE, 12,000 years ago. I am also a spiritual person myself in addition; I am a member of Religious Society of Friends, the Quakers, while interested in justice and in peace. And this performance is depicting those qualities of justice and peace and spirituality.” 

“I think Shen Yun also is showing this similar spirituality, similar loving, similar beauty, similar grace, that we could have a world that is depicting as an example if we can learn by practice to have beauty, to have harmony, to have peace, to have justice, and it is showing in a beautiful dance in a beautiful grace for people to copy, to emulate in their lives. They are very high standard to copy, but I think it’s a real example about a future we could have. All together from the example from Shen Yun.”

“The orchestra is very beautiful and very harmonious music, all different kinds of instruments, working together in a harmonious way, just like our hands, different digits they work in a harmonious way. Like our face has different eyes, noses, mouths and ears, they work in a harmonious way. Our bodies, as I said, the 50 trillion cells are different yet they work in a harmonious way. And this is an example Shen Yun is showing. 

“And we have to respect the spirituality as well as secularity. They are both real. We are of divine nature, and Shen Yun is showing this divinity, spirituality, as well as secularity, reality. And we are grateful for that.”

“I think the particular example of Chinese culture is showing how good will triumph, how good and morality and ethics and beauty and justice and peace will be the way to live together, in peace, in justice, in beauty, and in many ways, it’s a high standard of living together. And we are all appreciative of it when we see it.”

“I think this (Shen Yun) would bring to society aspects of goodness, justice, peace, harmony, and ethics, morality, truthfulness, honesty, and trust, and working together in a beautiful graceful harmonious way, and avoiding fighting, avoiding wars, avoiding violence, and showing that their opposite beauty, peace, love, other way to go.” 
(What does Shen Yun bring to society?) “I think it would be beauty. Grace, divinity, spirituality are powerful, and they triumph in the end against the opposites. And they are more lasting. And this is the kind of past, present, and future that we could look forward to.”

“It’s also beautiful music that is being created, in addition. And I think that people all should come and see how the Chinese people lived for so many centuries, so many thousands of years, and that kind of life is an example for other countries to learn from.”

“The fact that divine presence, our Creator, descended from heaven into human form, in order to continue doing that good heavenly work on earth. And I am all for it because one of my purposes now, having achieved many firsts in medical science throughout my professional life, is to bring the world together, the 195 countries of the world together with 6 territories, to bring them together into a community union age, where there’s harmony, there’s love, there’s justice, there’s peace. There are laws we have to obey. There are rules we have to obey. Regulations we have to obey. So that we could all have the needs of employment, and making a living fulfilled, the needs of loving relationship from family to village, to town, to city, to state, to nation, and to interrelations fulfilled, loving relationships.”