Dr. Robin Johnson Enjoys the History, Dancing, and Costuming in Shen Yun

April 3, 2017

“It’s really important to stand up for what you believe. Take a stand, and be willing to fight for what you believe in right to the end.” 

“I love the show. It’s really good. And I agree with her that I really like the dancing. I also dance. So I’m paying a lot of the attention to the dancing, the footwork, their technique, the work they did with the fans, the skirt work is exquisite, the silk fabrics flow beautifully, but they’ve got wonderful technique to maximize the costuming. I really like the costuming. One of my favorite piece is actually “Yellow Blossoms” because we have the flower now coming out in California. They really did look like flowers – the way they move. 

“And I love the way they synchronize their movements. I mean it’s not easy. I am paying attention that their lines are always perfect, the formations are exact, their movements are totally matched. That takes a lot of practice and attention to be aware of the space of the movements. So I really love that. It’s unique; you don’t see that very often. 

“The soloist is good. I did like the playful piece, too, the one with the Monkey King and the fan (“Monkey King at Fire Mountain”). That was fun too.” 

“You get to learn more about China, because we tend to think about China monolithic, industrial, communist, you forget there’s all these ethnic groups, there’s beautiful landscape, there’s thousands of years’ history. Laozi (“Bestowing the Tao”) is one of my favorites, so I like they had something about Laozi. We like the Tao. So it’s just really wonderful to learn something about the history, diversity, and geography. The backdrop has lot of great pictures of different parts of China. It’s very exciting.”