Chinese Painting Master: ‘Truly admirable’

March 4, 2009 Updated: March 6, 2009

TAIPEI, Taiwan—“Truly admirable,” said Professor Sun Chia-Chin, who was a Chinese painting master, after watching the Divine Performing Arts (DPA) on the afternoon of Saturday, March 1.

The show received warm applause and enthusiastic echoes from the audience.

During the intermission, a lady said, “Excellent! It is fabulous!” when she shared her experience of watching the DPA show with her friends. When approached by the reporter for an interview, the lady waived her hand and turned down the request politely, saying she could not convey her feeling too well. The reporter turned to the gentleman who was sitting next to her. He was the lady’s husband, Professor Sun.

Professor Sun is the youngest son of Sun Chuan-Fang. He is now a professor at the Department of Fine Arts, Chinese Culture University in Taiwan.

As a legendary figure whose life has encompassed various experiences, Mr. Sun said the DPA performance had been “truly admirable. What makes me admire [the show] is not only the dancing skills, but also the choreography and the actors’ total immersion into the show. I am highly affected by these. Dance is not just a physical movement. It is beauty of movement, an exhibition of spirit as well as immersion of dancing techniques into it. The choreography and composition of the DPA show deeply touches my heart.”

Mr. Sun liked the dance Heaven Awaits Us Despite Persecution. He said the good and evil that people do in the world will eventually be judged by gods in heaven. He said he was greatly moved by seeing that Falun Gong practitioners did not surrender themselves to the evil, even facing persecution.

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