DPA Packed in Tainan, Businessmen Enlightened

February 21, 2009 Updated: February 22, 2009

TAINAN, Taiwan—As the curtain closed on the third Divine Performing Arts show in this southern city in Taiwan, some audience members were smiling softly while others’ eyes welled with tears. Friends, families, professional colleagues, student associations, young, and old gathered to take photos in front of the large posters in the foyer of the theater.

After two highly acclaimed performances, Tainan’s third, on Saturday evening, was filled to the brim despite the economic depression. Divine Performing Arts enraptured the theatergoers. Song after song, the singers touched peoples’ hearts.

The Most Enlightening Performance

The general manager of an international company said that after 30 years of doing business around the world, he and his wife had seen many displays of excellence, but they had never seen a performance as enlightening as that of Divine Performing Arts (DPA).

He said there was a stirring power to the performance. When the curtain opened for “The Five Millennia Begin” and he saw the Lord Buddha descending to the world, he said he began to cry.

He was especially moved by the final performance, “Knowing the True Picture Offers Ultimate Hope”: “The huge wheel … implies that there are ups and downs in our life. Along with the rotating of the wheel, there are moments of going forward and backward in our life.”

It Comforts the Heart

Mr. Li, a leader among owners of small- and medium-size businesses, said, “This is the way I think: For 20 years now the entire world has been pursuing material gain. Even in Taiwan, we face an abnormal education. Moral teachings are not emphasized, so the current state of human society leaves peoples’ hearts adrift, and everybody feels devoid of peace.”

He said that especially since September, the economic depression had made the whole society even more unsettled. To resolve the issue, he said it should be from the standpoint of culture and education.

 “Divine Performing Arts brings our human hearts this kind of assurance and comfort. We should encourage people—school teachers should encourage students to come. If this kind of feeling can be passed to every person, I feel that for this whole economic crash—especially during this depressed period of time—Divine Performing Arts brings such a breath of fresh air.”

Famous Photographer Deeply Moved

Mr. Wang, a photographer who has specialized in documenting the life of the black-faced spoonbill bird, said that every dancer’s skills were exquisite. He said that everybody could appreciate the show, that it was suitable for both young and old, especially performances such as “The Monkey King Triumphs” that use traditional subject matter. He said he felt moved in a way that was impossible to express.

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