Eighty-Three-Year-Old Artist Enchanted by DPA Dancers’ Countenances

February 23, 2009 Updated: October 1, 2015

Eighty-three-year-old Han Siangjyun began painting at the age of six. (Yaoyu Li/The Epoch Times)
Eighty-three-year-old Han Siangjyun began painting at the age of six. (Yaoyu Li/The Epoch Times)
TAINAN, Taiwan—A renowned 83-year-old artist, Han Siangjyun, was enthralled by Divine Performing Arts (DPA) performance on Feb. 21 at the Tainan Municipal Cultural Center.

“This performance was exceptionally good, especially these people’s facial expressions. They were truly great. DPA’s costumes attracted me, especially those of ‘Flowing Sleeves.’ When they were performing, the dresses looked gorgeous. The designs were superb.

“The dancers smiled when they should and kowtowed as a sign of respect toward Buddhas. This is very rare for them to carry out things perfectly. Usually dancers in performing troupes appear so dizzy, yet the DPA dancers’ expressions were always good.”

She said that she was very happy to see the dancers majestically bow to Buddhas, as she is a Buddhist herself.

Ms. Han was born in the province of Hebei, one of the minority ethnic groups of China. She started to learn drawing at the age of six and is particularly good at [drawing] mountains, water, flowers, and birds. Aside from drawing, she opened a fabric business and is still an administrator of the company.

Nowadays, Ms. Han usually paints realistic art, and said the backdrops of DPA were beyond her imagination, especially those of the program, The Poet’s Vision.

“If I were to draw, I would take that scene.”

Ms. Han found the pig character in The Monkey King Triumphs to be rather likeable. She said that the portrayal of the character was extremely good, and the program always gave her a good laugh.

“I’m not just saying that DPA is good, because it is genuinely good. Its costumes, expressions, dances, movements, and backdrops are all delicate. It is exceptional.”

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