Singer Has ‘Never, ever, not anywhere’ Seen Such Show

By Helena Zhu, Epoch Times
December 24, 2008 Updated: October 1, 2015
Captivated audience during the performance in Florida. (Mark Zou/The Epoch Times )
Captivated audience during the performance in Florida. (Mark Zou/The Epoch Times )

SARASOTA, Florida—“Oh my gosh! It’s amazing! I can’t believe how awesome it was,” said Vera, a singer and student, upon watching the Divine Performing Arts (DPA) show with Chris, a photographer and student, in Sarasota on Tuesday.

"Just the culture, the culture that is shown through that, I never knew that there was this dance, that it was even around," she said.

“Never, ever, not anywhere—I have been to many places in the world, and I have seen shows, but never one like this … This was something else. This was a combination of everything put together."

She said the performance displayed a lot of “spirituality, emotions, inspiration … there wouldn’t be any need for words for you to experience the emotion.”

Chris said the choreography, which he has never seen at any other show, and how the dancers moved toward the music and dancing, were “amazing.”

“It inspires me, like the colors, the choreography, how everyone moved together. It was inspiring show, just to see the colors and the dancers and the emotions and how they portray behind the dancers,” said Chris.

Not only the artistry, but also the technology, intrigued Chris.

“It was fun. I like people coming down from the top and showing up on the stage, and it was very interesting and I like how it’s done,” said Chris referring to the 3D backdrop.

Chris and Vera were also touched by the stories behind the dances, and especially how they were portrayed in the movements.

“I thought I wanted to cry at moments just that one story [Persecuted on a Sacred Path] and there was not one word spoken and I wanted to cry. I was holding back for a minute … I mean it was just amazing,” said Vera.

She said the show turned out to be much better than her earlier expectations.

“You don’t have to say anything, you just have to look at it,” said Chris.

He feels the message of the show was to “live your life, know yourself, and live the best you can.”

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