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Journalist: ‘A perfect five stars’

BY Sally Sun TIMEJanuary 27, 2009 PRINT

NEWARK, N.J—The highly-acclaimed Divine Performing Arts Chinese New Year Spectacular opened for the first time at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, in the heart of Newark.

The premiere performance on Monday Jan. 26 also ushered in the start of the Chinese New Year of the Ox, an auspicious occasion for many, including theater-goers Ms. Schneider, a journalist, and her mother, Mrs. Schneider, a primary school teacher.

“It was very special, very unique,” said Ms. Schneider.

“Beautiful, colorful, gorgeous, and we just enjoyed every minute and we couldn’t take our eyes away. We were mesmerized by the beauty of the event.”

The Chinese New Year Spectacular celebrates a renewal and rediscovery of a lost heritage—a truly divine culture before its erosion under communism.

The production centers upon classical Chinese dance and music featuring world-class performers, stunning costumes and backdrops, powerful drum rhythms, and a full orchestra.

“We were excited, shaking, triumphant," continued Ms. Schneider, “Five stars all the way. A perfect five stars. And the dancers, the actors, they were beautiful to look at, their facial expressions were so beautiful and unique and so graceful. We couldn’t take our eyes off their grace and elegance.”

Ms. Schneider listed Welcoming Spring, Flowing Sleeves, Dragon Springs Drummers, and Mulan Joins the Battle as some of the pieces she enjoyed most.

China's vast region embraces a number of ethnic groups and folk traditions played in story-based dance, such as Welcoming Spring. In this piece, inspiring quick movements and bursts of color fom the basis of the dancers' fan dance. The exuberant spirit and marking of the season personify China’s folk dance tradition.

Flowing Sleeves is reminiscent of the Tang dynasty, of women draped in long flowing sleeves, a portrait of majestic grace and elegance. Mulan Joins the Battle is one of China's beloved true stories of exemplary service to one's country and to one's parents.

Mrs. Schneider, who was also captured by the beauty of the show, said that the performance was an “outstanding, world-class program” and that she was “touched” by the performance.

“I don’t think there was anything they could have improved. It was so well-done. It was perfect. It was a perfect show. And we go to shows,” Mrs. Schneider said.

“The choreography, the costumes, the live music, it was fabulous. One-of-a-kind show; we couldn’t have hoped for a better show, it was well-worth the money. And we got very good seats, and it was worth every penny. Just fabulous…a wonderful cultural experience.”

In closing, Mrs. Scneider added that attending the show on the Chinese New Year’s Day added to the excitement and enhanced the experience.

“I think that added some more enthusiasm and excitement to the whole show for us to come on the Chinese New Year.”

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Sally Sun
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