Ice Skating Choreographer: ‘Their synchronization is wonderful’

December 20, 2008 Updated: October 1, 2015
 (Dai Bing/ The Epoch Times )
(Dai Bing/ The Epoch Times )

PHILADELPHIA—Ms. Shakarjiane, an ice-skating choreographer attending the matinee session of Divine Performing Arts in Philadelphia on Saturday, Dec. 20, said it was “one of the best shows we’ve seen.

“I’m here with my children and we’re all enjoying it very much. The costumes are spectacular, very vibrant. The colors are fantastic. We loved the long sleeves and how they utilized the sleeves in the dances—it’s very effective.”

She also drew on her training as an ice skating choreographer in remarking on what she had seen: “Their synchronization is wonderful, their hand movements, especially the detail they paid to their hand movements, is wonderful.

“It’s calming to watch, even when they dance very quickly. I love the expression. It really gets through to the audience. When we were watching the one routine where the father figure dies and goes to heaven, and we felt that and my children felt that. But we were happy at the end because of the expression of the other performers.”

Mr. Shakarjiane concluded by saying: “So it’s on a spiritual level as well as an artistic level.”

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