Physical Science Doctor Happy to See Revival of ‘very ancient dances’

March 1, 2009 Updated: March 4, 2009

PARIS—Dr. Claudia Stubenrauch, state doctor in physical science and investigator at the Dynamic Meteorology Laboratory at the National Scientific Research Center and at the Polytechnical School in France, came to see Divine Performing Arts (DPA) at the Palais Des Congres on Sunday.

Dr. Stubenrauch had already seen DPA's unique cultural show two years ago and returned this year to admire the classical Chinese dance, the centrepiece of the show.

“I am very happy to see Divine Performing Arts revive very ancient dances. It is great to see.

“I appreciated seeing new ethnic dances this year. It is very interesting. I am interested in all types of dances from many countries. I find that dance is another way to discover and understand a country. If we do not understand the language, dance allows us to penetrate the soul of the country."

In its celebration of traditional Chinese culture, New York-based DPA is the only company in the world that performs strictly authentic classical Chinese dance as part of its repertoire.

“As an investigator, I always need something that changes my ideas. I have followed many stages of traditional dance. Dance first trains the body. It gives a certain discipline. … It also allows you to feel strong emotions,” said Dr. Stubenrauch.

Dr. Stubenrauch particularly appreciated the dances called Welcoming Spring and the Flowing Sleeves. “Everything was so gracious. I also liked the dance on the snowy mountains of Tibet [Dance of the Snow-Capped Mountain]."

Dr. Stubenrauch said she hopes to see the DPA show next year to discover new Chinese folk dances.

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