Finance Director: ‘The performance was outstanding’

By Cindy Chan, Epoch Times
January 3, 2009 Updated: January 6, 2009
Ms. Désormiers praised all aspects of the show. (The Epoch Times)
Ms. Désormiers praised all aspects of the show. (The Epoch Times)

OTTAWA—Divine Performing Arts (DPA) played to a full house on opening night tonight at the National Arts Centre in Canada's capital.

It was the first time that Ms. Désormiers, a director of finance at a national organization for legal professionals, has seen a Chinese show.

“The costumes were amazing, the performance was outstanding, the singers … I really, really enjoyed it,” she said.

She described the choreography as “awesome” and “gorgeous.”

Each dance is set with animated scenery projected onto the huge backdrop screen.

What impressed Ms. Désormiers about the background was the effect of the performers seemingly “going in and coming behind the scene.”

And the orchestra was “No. 1,” she said. It was her first time listening to Chinese instruments. “It was wonderful. I could feel the difference compared to Canadian music,” she noted.

In addition to her work as a finance director, Ms. Désormiers is also interested in interior decorating and very much liked the vibrant colours on stage, especially the oranges and browns.

DPA endeavours to showcase the authentic, traditional Chinese performing arts based on China’s 5,000 years of ancient culture.

Ms. Désormiers said she “definitely” learned more tonight about Chinese culture.

She also praised the multilingual hosts Kelly Wen and Jared Madsen for their explanation of each segment in French, Chinese, and English. That was “an added touch,” she said.

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