Business V.P: ‘Nothing can be more entertaining to me than this’

January 28, 2009 Updated: October 22, 2009
'It makes me feel very good as I watch it.'  (The Epoch Times)
'It makes me feel very good as I watch it.' (The Epoch Times)

NEWARK,N.J—The highly-acclaimed Divine Performing Arts New Year Spectacular played to a responsive crowd in the classical surrounds of the Prudential Hall at New Jersey Peforming Arts Center, in Newark.

Audience members, a number of them businessmen, clapped and cheered, many mindful of the start of Chinese New Year celebration Year of the Ox.

Mr. Orens, a vice president of an international business that provides electric utilities around the world, has experienced many cultures on his many trips which have included Hong Kong and Taiwan, he said. However, he has never seen a show like the DPA performance before.

"This is the first time I see a show like this and the gracefulness … nothing can be more entertaining to me than this. I have seen some modest shows in Korea, you know, they were basically drumming shows—but nothing like this."

He said he had always known China to be,"a highly cultured country, an ancient civilization," the kind of show Mr. Orens very much enjoys, "superb."

"I love the brilliant costumes. I love the gracefulness of the dancers. I love the coordinated dancing. It is just a great spectacular. It makes me feel very good as I watch it."

"It's like coming from the heaven."

Radio businessman Mr. Buna felt the show was "very classic" and he felt "very relaxed."

"I am Buddhist," he explained. "It's relaxing and gives a lot of peace for the mind. It's like coming from the heaven."

He was appreciative of the production "teaching about Buddhism and teaching all of the religion and so many things. Showing years and years ago, how China … how the Chinese people lived, and every action. They showed everything for the people to know about it, and we enjoyed every moment."

It Was a Great Experience

Ms Brian,'I enjoyed the tenors and the music as well.' (The Epoch Times)
Ms Brian,'I enjoyed the tenors and the music as well.' (The Epoch Times)
Ms. Brian works as a customer marketing manager for a company based in New Jersey. The company is in the throes of a partnership with an Asian program they plan to launch. 

Ms. Brian had never seen a Chinese show before and praised the DPA presentation.

"This is my first time," she said. "It is absolutely beautiful. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed it and I will come back again next year."

The Chinese New Year Spectacular celebrates a renewal and rediscovery of a lost heritage-a truly
divine culture before its erosion under communism.

"It was good to learn about the ancient Chinese culture and their celebration of Chinese New Year," Ms. Brian said.

She enjoyed all the dances, thrilled to the music, and was in awe of one of China's most celebrated tenors, Guimin Guan.

'Yeah, its first-class."

Mr DiMatteo produces shows and has tasted the orient having traveled to China, Tokyo, and Korea while in the military.

"The show was superb, it was awesome, it was beautiful. The clothes and everything was beautiful. Elegant," he expressed.

At the heart of the Divine Performing Arts production, is classical Chinese dance and music featuring world-class performers, stunning costumes and backdrops, powerful drum rhythms and a full orchestra, all appreciated by Mr. DiMatteo.

"The pictures behind the stage was very beautiful, breathtaking, beautiful looking—like real."

The backdrops in the DPA production are custom-designed to complement the costumes, choreography, lighting and storyline of each dance, and these transported Mr. DiMatteo away.

He had seen other Chinese shows, but "today was fabulous."

"If anyone wants to see it, they should see it because it's beautiful; it's fantastic. It's awesome and, like I said, it's fantastic. It was excellent. Yeah, its first-class."

He also suggested that any artist of any caliber could learn from this show. "If anyone is first-class, second-class, or third-class, they should get to see it and be involved in watching it, … bring out the best in you because its fantastic and its really good. I'll tell anyone to see it."

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