The Show ‘transcends just what you see,’ Says Music Director

January 31, 2009 Updated: October 1, 2015

'I liked the phoenix 'The Mystical Phoenix' the best this year.' (The Epoch Times)
'I liked the phoenix 'The Mystical Phoenix' the best this year.' (The Epoch Times)
DENVER—Divine Performing Arts graced the Buell Theatre at the Denver Performing Arts Complex to perform the Chinese New Year Spectacular on Saturday Jan. 31, during its two-day visit to Colorado, and amongst the audience was Ms. Towar, a music director for a radio station in the area.

When asked what she thought of the show, Ms. Towar said: “It was divine—it was beautiful. I really liked the live orchestra. I think it added so much to the performance. I saw it last year and I got to see it again this year, and it added just so much more to it and it was wonderful.”

“The combination of western orchestration along with the Chinese instruments was great and the singers were amazing and it’s such a difference—the tone and everything with the singers is so different than what we're used to in Western music, so its really neat to see that difference.”

The Divine Performing Arts Orchestra begins with a classical Western orchestra as its foundation and augments this with traditional Chinese instruments, enabling its compositions to at once mine the potential of Western orchestral music and yet be rich in Chinese qualities.

The vocal soloists of Divine Performing Arts are elite singers who perform throughout the year on many of the world’s greatest stages and who have been highly acclaimed by audiences and critics alike.

When asked why she thought the performance was divine, Ms. Towar said, “I think the message is so much deeper from just seeing a performance of Chinese culture—I think its just rooted in so much tradition and history, and it sort of transcends just what you see.”

The guiding mission of Divine Performing Arts is to rediscover and renew humanity’s true, rightful cultural heritage. The company thus creates and performs works that center upon the true, divinely bestowed culture of humankind, and seeks to provide an experience of consummate beauty and goodness.

Ms. Towar said she received messages at different levels during the show. “Compassion is, I think a big one and being accepting of other traditions and cultures, and that’s a good start.”

In concluding, she said, “The costuming was amazing—it was beautiful and I think I liked the phoenix [The Mystical Phoenix] the best this year.”

For millennia, the phoenix has been esteemed as sacred, and regarded as the king of all birds. The dancers in this piece, wearing long, flowing dresses, express both regality and majesty through their distinctive arm movements and quick, light steps. They conjure an image of the phoenix prancing about atop clouds.

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