City Arts Commissioner: ‘Very good moral, spiritual message to the world’

By Leigh Smith
Leigh Smith
Leigh Smith
January 14, 2009 Updated: January 23, 2009

CUPERTINO, Calif.—The Divine Performing Arts (DPA) “Chinese New Year Spectacular” opened tonight at the Flint Center on Tuesday, Jan. 13.

Ms. Becky Strauss, Arts Commissioner of the City of Milpitas, loved every aspect of the performances and appreciated the messages in the performances. She said, “Thank you for the wonderful show. I loved the stories that each one had to tell. Very good moral, spiritual message to the world … and it shows the Chinese culture … and how peaceful it is. And I think we need more of that in the world to show people more traditional values. And I think that is important in every culture … but it is very beautiful to learn about your [Chinese] culture. … It’s excellent.

“I feel very happy. It was very peaceful, very serene. And the colors and the beautiful background, the stories were just… amazing.”

Ms. Strauss learned things of Chinese culture that she did not know, explaining, “I felt like this was a little schooling right here … along with the enjoyment of the entertainment, but definitely more than I ever knew.

She founding the show an important message for the world: “It definitely needs to be worldwide … because I think all of the countries right now need to come together. This gives an excellent message to children, middle aged, and older people … of what we need more [of] in this world.

“I think the children now don’t get to see a lot of the traditional … values because everything is based on cartoons, and games which are really good, but that doesn’t really give you a lot for the mind and the soul to create a base … for your morality.

“For middle aged, I’m between middle and high, but I think, yes, it’s definitely important, because I don’t even think they know [traditional culture]… because for people that live here, everything becomes so Americanized, and we get lost in our culture…[We need to] keep history, and what we are made of [as the] the base for us to build on for the future …”

Ms. Strauss also found a message of hope: “Hope is so important to contribute things for yourself, for happiness, for growth, you have to have the hope. It’s what keeps you going in anything.”

“A lot of hope. Yes it gives hope. And with all the tenors singing [Yuan Qu] Finding Myself, [Guimin Guan] Let Me Not Regret, and Giving You Hope [Bai Xue, soprano]. … The messages were beautiful, also giving hope. I felt it giving peace back to the world, making you feel very good in your soul. … I think that message is very important.”

“I feel hope. I feel warm inside my soul, I feel very tranquil. It gives a very beautiful side of the culture. Because when I think of the Chinese New Year, I think of the dragon and the drums, but I don’t really know anything about it … and this educated me more on what the Chinese culture and values are.”

“A very peaceful one…[culture], which I think needs to be portrayed … a very peaceful one … and I like that. That’s what I interpret from what I have seen here. Thank you for the experience.”

Divine Performing Arts will take the stage three more times in Cupertino with two shows on Wed., Jan. 14, and one on Thurs, Jan. 15.

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Leigh Smith
Leigh Smith