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The Upturn of Divine Performing Arts Despite Economic Hardship

TIMEJanuary 13, 2009

DPA in Atlanta. (The Epoch Times)
DPA in Atlanta. (The Epoch Times)
NEW YORK—After Christmas, Broadway in New York was deeply hit by the economic recession and several famous musicals closed due to unpromising ticket sales. According to a report by The New York Times, as of Sunday Jan. 4, nine Broadway shows have closed production.

The report states that acts like Young Frankenstein, Boeing-Boeing, 13 and Grease would close for good. Even Hairspray, which was heavily advertised in New York City and has been highly popular since 2002, has been closed.

However, in the cold season of the performance industry, people are surprised to find that Divine Performing Arts (DPA) is rising up.

The Upturn of DPA

Like its very own Mystical Phoenix dance, DPA is reviving the ancient culture and traditions of China’s 5,000-year-old civilization that were suppressed or eliminated during the Cultural Revolution.

Divine Performing Arts (DPA), based in New York, is a nonprofit organization consisting of world-class dancers, choreographers, and musicians that is independent of China’s communist regime.

The stories, myths and legends are told through the synthesis of Chinese classical dance, a live orchestra, stunning digital backdrops and solo singers and instrumentalists.

Classical Chinese dance is a unique art form that dates back over 5,000 years of China’s divine- inspired cultures. Ancient Chinese people used dance to pay respect to heaven and the divine, show their appreciation of life and the universe, and praise kindness and virtue. 

The DPA orchestra combines Western and Chinese musical instruments to create a unique and beautiful sound. Currently it is the world’s only orchestra that embraces both Western and Chinese instruments together.

2009 World Tour Underway

In less than one month, DPA has concluded performances in ten cities, including Philadelphia, Atlanta, Detroit, Durham (North Carolina), Fort Lauderdale, Los Angles, Santiago, San Francisco in the US, and Ottawa in Canada. Divine Performing Arts is springing up everywhere, a bright light amongst the the global financial crisis.

On Dec. 30 in Detroit, people seemed to forget the current survival struggle in the car industry. There were almost no vacant seats in the theater. Audience members were captivated by the beautiful world depicted by DPA.

Mr. Masefield, a world-class pioneer expert in the field of radiation sterilization, said after watching the show: “DPA achieves the highest level of performance in the world, presenting the future hope for human beings. DPA leads us to surpass all difficulties encountered by the world. It is very inspiring and is coming just in time.”

A standing ovation at the end of a DPA show in San Francisco. (The Epoch Times)
A standing ovation at the end of a DPA show in San Francisco. (The Epoch Times)

In Los Angeles, a city full of superstars, DPA’s eight shows brought beautiful memories to 16,000 audience members of various nationalities. Actors, singers, musicians, screenwriters, authors, painters, visual performing artists and fashion designers, used adjectives such as: “beautiful, amazing, elegant, peaceful, splendid, magnificent, excellent, and surmounting” to describe the show.

Sold Out Shows in North America

In the past few weeks, all three of the DPA companies played to sold-out theaters in North America. The majority of shows in Canada have sold out, including the four shows performed early Jan. at the Ottawa National Arts Center. People called these shows: “Historical, record-making! Ninety-seven percent of the tickets have sold”. Even the tickets for the usually unpopular side seats were sold.

On Dec. 30, DPA’s first show in Detroit took place at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center. There were no vacant seats, and when the show ended, the audience rose to applaud for several minutes.

Divine Performing Arts:Curtain call. (The Epoch Times)
Divine Performing Arts:Curtain call. (The Epoch Times)

On Dec. 28, DPA performed at the Performing Arts Center in Durham, North Carolina. Several days before the show, the tickets had been sold out. Upon request, the theater was obliged to sell the side seats which were not intended to be sold. In total, 2,700 tickets were sold, and the theater was packed to maximum capacity. 


DPA Ushers in a Brand New Model

Critics have pointed out a few reasons why Divine Performing Arts may break through the tragic scenery of the economic recession. One is that the performance achieves a world class standard. Whether it is the dance, the music, the backdrop, the costumes, the stories, all are among the top performing standards in the world. Moreover, DPA can touch people’s hearts and help people communicate with their inner selves.

Compared to other contemporary performance art styles, audience members see something deep and soul-stirring in DPA. More and more people are refreshed by the pure benevolence and beauty conveyed by DPA and are finding new depth to their lives. Lots of people said that they will celebrate each new year by attending the show. Many people of the entertainment industry predict that DPA will establish a new performing arts style, a style that will astound the world.

Person to Person, Heart to Heart, the Promotional Ways of DPA

The show brings people, retroactively, to appreciate the classic and authentic five thousand year old culture of China. It also encourages people to return to our modern world with a new set of eyes to observe the people and events existing around us. At several times during a performance, the theater, full of thousands of people, will be as quite as a flat wheat field. During the show, audience members feel as if they are flying into the universe and traveling between the earth and the sky.

There are a great deal of audience members who attend the show through recommendations from their relatives or friends. Many audience members are moved to tears, saying that they have never been as moved by any other performance. These audience members then bring their own relatives and friends to see the show together. People inform other people of DPA, passing it from one heart to another. Thus no matter how severe the economic crisis is, the good fame of DPA swiftly spreads far and wide, serenely and naturally.

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Wen Hua