Douglas Heywood Says Shen Yun Conductor Finely Skilled

March 26, 2017

“I love the orchestra, the balance between the sets and the orchestra, the arrangements and the compositions were done really well, they suited each of the characters and each of the movements. It was great.”

“The discipline of the orchestra, it’s a delight to hear an orchestra that’s so balanced, so disciplined and congratulations to the conductor who has control over them.”

“He [Varden Hakobyan, the conductor] got a lovely sound from the orchestra, there was a balance between the brass, and the percussion, and the strings, and to get that balance right … he’s finely skilled and he did a really fine job of that.”

“I liked him [Qu Yue, baritone], a good powerful voice. And also the soprano, they both made a very strong vocal statement and they sang with sincerity, which is great.”

“From the aural point of view, it was fantastic, I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“From the visual point of view, the colour, the beauty of the movements, the creativity of the choreography were just absolutely stunning.”

“It had entertainment, it had education, it was enlightening, it was exciting, it had all these things going for it; it was just a wonderful occasion, wonderful to be part of such a dedicated group of performers, and all of them, to the dancers, to the singers, to the announcers, they’re dedicated to the cause and they give … absolutely professional performence — thoroughly enjoyed it.”