Do Christmas Babies Feel Cheated?

December 22, 2014 Updated: December 22, 2014

While being born on a holiday such as Christmas is pretty cool, it’s also a bit of a lousy deal in that you are cramming two holidays into one.

So how have true December 25th babies handled the situation? Reddit Mode asks, “Dec. 25th Babies. Do you feel cheated? Why / not?

1. “Christmas Jew here.

Long-time lurker who finally created an account to explain the horror of my birthday. It’s a double-whammy of suckage… Birthday doesn’t get celebrated because Christmas. Christmas doesn’t get celebrated because Jewish.

Also this:

  • Rando (checking ID): Hunh. Christmas baby, eh?
  • Me: Yup. That’s me.
  • Rando: So. Did you get screwed for Christmas gifts as a kid or something?
  • Me: Not really, I… don’t really celebrate Christmas.
  • Rando: <Blank Stare>
  • Me: ‘Cause I’m Jewish so…
  • Rando: Oh. Right. Sorry.

So much fun every time I buy booze.”

Shared by Reddit user decitertiember

Ouch, a Jew born on Christmas — now there’s something even a non-Jew born on Christmas has to respect. You don’t celebrate Christmas, so if your birthday is celebrated on Christmas, it will seem like you’re celebrating Christmas. Therefore you celebrate…nothing.

2. “Genuine December 25th baby here. I don’t feel cheated at all. I never have to work on my birthday, barely anyone remembers (I don’t like fuss) and I am guaranteed to be with my family for the whole day anyway. If I ever have kids I will probably just forget about my birthday completely; I always got 10x more excited about Christmas anyway.”

Shared by Reddit user PhotonInABox

Definitely. People often focus on the present aspect, but could there be a better gift then having the day off and being with your family?

3. “I was born on 25th of December and ever since I was born my parents started a ‘Half Birthday’ for me – celebrated on June 25th. On my half birthday I get my birthday presents and a cake and all the usual birthday related stuff. I’m always grateful that they did it that way, because it gives me a day of my own.

It makes it a little less annoying when people ask if I feel cheated.”

Shared by Reddit user mpcoughlan

Practical workaround. Heck we should all start celebrating half birthdays, and then quarter birthdays, and soon we will be partying everyday celebrating 1/365th birthdays 😉

4. “I turn 18 on the 25th and I feel cheated in the aspect of not being able to actually have a genuine birthday party, I always had to share them with someone. I never had a party with friends, because they would be celebrating Christmas with their families. I know it sounds selfish but I’ve made my peace with that fact many years ago and I was a little kid who was born on Christmas, it blew goats. However that is the only aspect I feel cheated with.”

Shared by Reddit user INTERNALCARNAGE

True. After all, no parent can stand the rebellius action of their kids going to a “christmas party” without them during such a major family holiday. I was only slightly exaggerating.

5. I’m a December 30th baby. My dad’s birthday was December 29th, and he didn’t get anything for his birthday because they’d just had Christmas. He had six younger siblings, and he had to watch them all get birthday presents and get to celebrate while he didn’t. When I was born the day after his birthday, he basically said, “Not doing that to my kid.”

I always got a party and presents because my dad swore he’d never do the same thing to me.

My husband calls the time of present-buying surrounding Christmas and my birthday “Christmabirthday.” But he always gets me at least 2+ gifts for each event.”

Shared by Reddit user jamclock

Good workaround. Don’t combine Christmas and birthday; clearly distinguish them, even if it takes making up words to do it. 

6. “Christmas baby here.

I never felt cheated at all while I was growing up. I was never spoiled at Christmas, but received gifts that had a lot of thought put into them. Things I’d use, things I’d desperately wanted all year, meaningful gifts.

Everyone always asks about it though. They all assume that I should feel cheated. Because I was born on Christmas, I’ve never known anything different. So to me, getting gifts on one day of the year is normal.

Now that I’m older and have my own family, I try to raise my son the way I was raised.

His birthday is 3 weeks after Christmas and we don’t spoil him either. We don’t combine gifts or anything, but we, my wife and I, try to get him meaningful gifts, and we think that’s a good way to go about it.

Last Christmas I actually thanked my parents for doing the things they did every year. Because I was never spoiled during the holidays I’ve never expected a lot of gifts. I’m happy if I know some thought went into the gift.

Even if I get a bunch of things, which I won’t, the ones I’m happiest with are the homemade ones my son makes.”

Shared by Reddit user isosceles1980

On second thought, it is always good to be thankful. Gifts are not about quantity, but the thoughtfulness of the gift, which is based upon your connection with the person that is sending it to you.

7. “Born on Christmas Day in 1995 🙂 the only thing that bothers me is that everything is closed! No birthday dinners for me :(“

Shared by Reddit user wandering_tourist

🙁 It’s like the world shuns you on your birthday 🙁