Discovering Caladesi Island in Florida (Video)

August 27, 2014 Updated: August 27, 2014

“Dr. Beach” said in 2008 Caladesi Island State Park had the best beach in the United States. Caladesi Island State Park is located in Florida.

One of the nice thing about this park is that you cannot drive to it. You can come out to this park and enjoy nature or enjoy the beach and you are not in commercially affected area. There are not T-shirt shops, no bars. The place is very quiet and relaxed. Caladesi Island is accessible only by ferry or boat.

Caladesi Island is one of the very few island left around here that  has been natural. Together with Honeymoon Island was originally part of a large barrier island that split in half during a major hurricane in 1921.

Those who come to visit can enjoy 3 miles of nature trail, picnic pavilions, bathhouses,and a beach. Activities include fishing, shelling, kayaking, boating, hiking and nature studies.