Discipline of Shen Yun Impresses Music Theater Professor

April 1, 2017

Anna Hanlon:

“It’s so important to maintain cultural heritage and your identity — beyond just enjoying this. That was really moving to me in terms of how important this is to not only for the Chinese people, but everyone.” 

“I really enjoy that — the importance of maintaining culture and history. I had no idea of that significance of this dance [group], of this school in New York.”

“I always like a good spiritual message, so I think that is important to know. … I am so happy that this is being preserved somewhere. I am really pleased this is being preserved.” 

“I actually think [spirituality] is important because it is something that is missing today. We are all so tuned in to our electronics, and we lose that part of our being … [which] is such an important part of your health and your wellness.” 


Mitch Hanlon:

“It’s wonderful in its precision. It’s the first time I’ve seen it. I enjoy it very much for its classical aspect and the training that goes into that.” 

“[The choreography] is wonderful. It’s very good. The last dance has the most athleticism, and I appreciate it.”

“[The music] was lovely. It’s always lovely with live orchestra. It is well balanced. It is blended well.” 

“It’s important to each ethnic or region or culture to preserve their culture.” 

“The cultural aspect and the music aspect, it’s very lovely. It’s very spectacular, which is not to be overlooked. It’s just so constant.”

“No one misses an entrance, no one misses a cue, no one was missing a fan. It’s that part, that discipline that also impresses me about Shen Yun.”