Director Experiences Journey Back in Time at Shen Yun

December 26, 2017

“I’m loving the show. I’m here with my daughter and every year we go to one of the shows in San Antonio around Christmas time. … This is the first time that we’ve been at this venue, the first time we’ve seen anything quite to this magnitude. This is an incredible show. The dance is probably the best we’ve ever seen, and we’ve seen a lot.”

“It is just amazing to see with your eyes, obviously; it is an incredibly creative show. But I think the culture is really interesting, to be able to experience all of the history that they are showing in the show. … It takes you all over China, and to see all of the beautiful scenery, the landscapes that they show, it is just incredibly enriching culturally.”

“I think it fills me with a sense of wonder. I’m taken back to the time they are portraying, so you feel like you are actually in that time period and in that place. In fact, several times, I’ve forgotten there was even an orchestra in front of us. It’s just like I’m really there.”

“The dance is unique. I haven’t seen anything like that. The schoolyard scene was just incredibly funny, and to work in comedy and everything else along with it is very neat.”

“The music is fantastic. I’ve never heard a soprano sing with such boldness. It was incredible how it filled the whole theater and just resonated. It was incredibly beautiful.”