Senior VP: Digitized Backdrops Add a ‘Magical Touch’

January 13, 2018

“It’s really inspiring to see so much movement and synchronicity between the dancers. It’s perfection. It really is.”

“The dancers are very strong, very athletic. The way they move shows a lot of skills. It must require a lot of stamina to do what they do.”

“The music is superb. And the rhythms—you feel like dancing with the dancers onstage.”

“[The animated backdrops] are very magical, because you see the dancers coming out of the screen. … The effect looks very true. They look real. It’s very amazing to see. It adds to the magical touch of the show.”

“You’re in another world. You step into the world where the dancers are and you forget you are sitting in a room. The colors, the dancing—you feel surrounded instead of being in front of a stage.”